The Magic

Mark’s unique style of magic is focused on providing close-up shows for guests. He is happy to mingle with your loved ones, wowing them with his sleight of hand card tricks. You might also find him using a prop or two for truly mind-blowing displays of magic.

Always bringing the fun to a celebration, his humorous personality will immediately put guests at ease. There is nothing quite like laughter for a truly memorable occasion.

Mark also likes to keep his act fresh and unique, and often uses different effects for different engagements. This keeps everything fresh, entertaining and new to anyone who may have seen Mark perform before.




It’s not all Card Magic…

Mark is one of the few full time Mentalist performers ( for those that don’t know, Mentalism is the art of subtle psychological manipulation ) and uses this to provide moments of amazement, wonder, shock and sometimes awe.

From revealing pin codes (not out loud of course) to details about you as a person, Mark has all the skills to appear like a true Psychic, yet will always let you know that while he can’t truly read minds, he can read people!

Audience participation is at the evry core of Mentalism, and Mark loves to get as many people involved as possible, connecting with one and all to provide truly powerful and long lasting moments for you, and your guests.



If you need to contact me…

If you need to contact me, please feel free to message me here if you would like to discuss your event, or to book me directly.

Please leave as much detail as you can when enquiring about availability, such as the date required, for how long you need my services, and where the event is to take place.

Or, you can call me on 07759 055 904 during the hours of 9am and 9pm Monday to Sunday.

Thanks for looking, and i hope to hear from you in the near future.




  • Perfect to entertain your guests at your wedding.
  • Great for a night of “Psychic Entertainment’ including Tarot readings
  • Awersome magic act for any private party
  • Mark will incorporate your corporate message into his act during your function
  • Christmas and New Year bookings taken any time
  • Available to perform at short notice when you have been let down
  • Professional, close-up wedding magician
  • Provides fun and sophisticated performances
  • Sure to amaze your guests with fun mind reading
  • The perfect icebreaker between your guests
  • Engaging entertainment appealing to young and old
  • Available to perform during any aspect of the day
  • Competetive pricing to suit every wallet